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Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2022 | How to apply online

According to a June 2019 update, the Government of India plans to reach 1 million farmers within 100 days using the Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC).

KCC loans offer farmers formal credit and help them avoid falling into the debt trap of informal borrowings in agriculture.

You can instead get low-interest financing by applying for a Kisan Card.

Learn more about the Kisan Card Scheme and its benefits, and how to apply online for it.

Kisan Credit Card scheme

Farmers who borrowed money from the informal sector in the past were subject to high-interest rates that led them to fall into debt.

The National Bank recommended KCC for Agriculture and Rural Development to avoid such debt traps.

This scheme is sometimes called Pradhan Mantri Kisan credit card Yojana.

In 1998, the Kisan Credit Card program was created. This scheme allows farmers to access formal credit to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme is a Government of India program that provides timely credit access for farmers. NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) created the Kisan Credit Card (KCC), which was launched in 1998 to provide short-term formal credit for farmers.

KCC was established to meet the credit requirements of farmers in agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry. They were able to obtain short-term loans, and they also had access to credit for equipment purchases and other expenses.

KCC also exempts farmers from high interest rates on regular loans. The interest rate for KCC is as low as 2.2%, and as high as 4%. This scheme allows farmers to repay their loans based on the harvesting period for the crop they are cultivating.

What’s a Kisan Credit Card

A Kisan Credit Card allows farmers to get low-interest financing from banks.

A passbook is provided to farmers that contain information about the loan amount, landholding, and beneficiary.

Kisan Credit Cards can be obtained from both commercial and state cooperative banks.

Benefits from Kisan Credit Card

These are the top Kisan Credit Card Benefits that Farmers Can Enjoy:

  • Flexible loan repayments so farmers can pay after the harvest season
  • Uncomplicated loan disbursal procedure
  • Based on income, credit limit increases
  • Low-interest rates when compared to other loans
  • All your agricultural needs can be met by one loan
  • Crop insurance is available
  • Select transactions eligible for discounts

Credit limit available through Kisan Credit Card

As part of the announcement of the Union Budget 2020-21, Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, presented a series of measures for Indian farmers in line with the government’s Vision of ‘Aspirational Indian.’

The finance minister set the Indian farmers’ agricultural credit goal at Rs. 15 lakh crore in 2020-21.

The finance minister stated that all farmers eligible under the PM-Kisan program would be covered by the Kisan Credit Card.

According to RBI guidelines, lenders can decide how much they wish to sanction.

There is no credit limit. One institution might have a limitation that applies to all applicants, while another might cap the amount at a certain percentage of the farmer’s income.

The financial institution might also consider crop area and patterns when setting credit limits.

Interest and Other Fees on Kisan Credit Card

The KCC interest rate varies from one bank to the next, as does its credit limit. The interest rate on the KCC can range from 2% to 4%, with a median of 4%.

The government also offers subsidies and programs to farmers regarding the interest rate. They would be based on the cardholder’s credit history and repayment history.

Other charges include processing fees, insurance premium (if any), land mortgage deed fees, etc. The bank is free to set these charges.

Kisan Credit Card eligibility criteria

You must be in one of these categories to receive funding through the Kisan Credit Card.

  1. A farmer who is the owner-cultivator, either as an individual or as a joint borrower.
  2. A self-help/ joint liability group for farmers, sharecroppers, tenants farmers, etc.
  3. Tenant farmer, oral lessee, and sharecropper

This scheme also applies to animal husbandry and fisheries. You can apply for this scheme if your farm includes goats, fish, sheep, and poultry.

Documents required to apply for the KCC Loan Scheme

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Copy of identification proof, such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, driving license, etc.
  • A copy of proof of address documents, such as Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, or driving license. The evidence must include the applicant’s current address.
  • Documents relating to land
  • Photograph of the applicant in passport size.
  • The issuing banks may request additional documents, such as security PDC.

How to Apply Online for a Kisan Credit Card?

Apply online for a Kisan Credit Card. This is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

How to Apply for a Kisan Credit Card Online

  • Visit the website of the bank
  • Browse the credit card options and choose ‘Kisan.’
  • Fill out the form and click on “Submit” to apply for your card
  • Keep the reference number in mind and wait for the bank’s approval to process your application.
  • Send the required documents to the bank to receive the Kisan credit card


Online applications can be made by visiting the branch or downloading the application form directly from the bank’s website. With the assistance of a bank representative, the applicant can go to the branch to begin the application process. After all, formalities have been completed, the bank’s loan officer will assist the farmer with the loan amount.

Top Kisan Credit Cards by Banks

Credit Card Credit Limit Maximum Tenure
Axis Kisan Credit Card Up to Rs.2.50 lakh (in the form of a loan against the card) Up to 1 year for cash credit Up to 7 years for term loans
BOI Kisan Credit Card Up to 25% of the farmer’s estimated income (but not exceeding Rs.50,000) N/A
SBI Kisan Credit Card Based on the crop cultivation and cropping pattern 5 years
HDFC Kisan Credit Card Credit limit of up to Rs.3 lakh 5 years

Revised Kisan credit card scheme/ Pradhan Mantri credit card yojana

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme is subject to changes by the RBI according to the agricultural sector’s requirements.

The scheme was updated twice in 2012: one to update instructions on disbursement, repayment, account classification, and other features and another for electronic Kisan credit cards. The 2016 revision also made changes to paragraph 13.

KCC loan borrowers can get a complimentary smart card-debit and Kisan credit card. If you’re not eligible and want a card that offers many benefits, the RBL Bank SuperCard is a good option. You can withdraw cash from ATMs for up to 50 days without interest, get a personal loan of up to 90 days from your credit limit, convert purchases over Rs. 2,500 into convenient EMIs. It offers savings up to Rs. 55,000 per year

First, check your pre-approved offer before you apply online for this card. A single-step verification allows you to be approved instantly and offers the chance of a customized credit card.

Checking the Balance of your Kisan Credit Card

A Kisan Credit Card can be applied for at any bank that issues KCCs. This process is now online. To check the balance of your Kisan credit card, contact the bank customer service. The bank’s portal can be accessed via the internet to check your Kisan Credit Card balance.

FAQs about the Kisan Credit Card Loan Program

1. What’s a crop loan?

Crop loans are available to farmers who need credit to meet their working capital requirements, and KCC is a crop loan that banks offer. The KCC loan is not only for working capital purposes but can also be used to fund other purposes.

2. How long is the Kisan Credit Card valid?

The validity period is five years. The type of activity you intend to use the money will determine the tenure.

3. What age is required to apply for a Kisan Credit Card

Minimum 18 years old and maximum 75 years. Senior citizens must have a co-borrower that is a legal heir.

4. What interest rate applies to the KCC?

The bank will decide the interest rate. According to the KCC circular of 20 April 2012, the interest rates are 7% p.a. On short-term credit, there is a limit of Rs. 3 lakh on the principal amount.

5. How can a bank decide the credit limit for a Kisan Credit Card?

Based on:

  • The proposed cropping plan and the amount of finance available will determine how crops are grown.
  • Consumption requirements for households and post-harvest.
  • Expenses relating to crop insurance, farm assets, and Asset insurance.
6. A Kisan Credit Card offers a revolving credit facility.

Yes, these cards have a revolving cash credit facility that allows unlimited withdrawals and repayments within the credit limit.

7. What’s Kisan Credit Cards Customer Care Number and Email?

0120-6025109 or 1800155261 toll-free.

Email: [email protected].

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